Biblical Numerology Number 13

The bible also supports the numerology and one gets several evidences from the bible undoubtedly. Usually the numbers that are included in the numerology are from one to ten but there is some master or unique numbers as well. One of these master numbers is biblical numerology number thirteen. The number thirteen reveals different meaning in the bible some of which is that it the number describe the revolution of the different sort of things. It also refers to the meaning of corruption, defection, destruction etc. Also this study in the Biblical University.

As it commonly perceived that number thirteen is only associated with the problems and destruction, well that is quit true and there is no doubt in it, as this perception is also supported by the bible itself. In the bible it is clearly stated that the number of juda was also thirteen, juda were those who sold the lasting supper that was for the Jesus and that is the reason why the Christians also have pretty unfortunate perceptions about it. Apart from that number thirteen includes the unfortunate number three with it therefore it can not be assumed a fortunate or a constructive number.

The impact or the perception of people about the number thirteen is bad that most of the people about it. Most of the people must have noticed that hotels usually avoid number thirteen having it as their room number similarly a lot people do not like to make their stay in room thirteen. Even the condition is so worst that people do not like their residential number thirteen because of the reason that they believe that it will be unfortunate for them. Biblical numerology number thirteen has such a great influence on the minds of the people that a number of movies has also been made in which they have shown the devastating affects of the figure thirteen.