Biblical Numerology Number 10

The biblical numerology number ten represents the perfection of some thing, most of the time it is referred to the commandments which were sent to the Israelis right after the exposure of the Mount Sinai. The number ten is also used to represent the ranking. The biblical numerology number ten shows a marvelous work that has been completed in the duration of any particular time frame.

The number ten is listed in the end of all the single digit number and is the beginning of the double digit number a reason for it is that it covers up all the aspects that are included in the different numbers that are from one to nine. It gives a proper ending to all of these featuring all the properties and aspects and completes all the remaining things therefore it is a complete representation for all the numerology numbers.

The ancient Greeks also have unique concept regarding the biblical numerology number ten that relates it the Atlas, one of the god of the Greeks, according their perceptions this number represent the god who is holding the whole weight of the world on his shoulders, whereas on the other hand at the same time they also relate it to the Uranus another one of their gods accountable of all the different sorts of technologies and imaginations.

There are several other thing and perceptions that are related and linked with the numerology number ten such as it is perceived that ten brings good luck and charm, it is said that is someone washes his hair on the tenth date of a month then he is likely to be promoted very soon at the place where the person is being employed similarly there are many more views that shows the different perception that people have in their minds.

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