Biblical Numerology numbers interpretation

We may find many religions in the world. They have traditions and beliefs connected to numbers. This is so called biblical numerology. According to this religions, each number has special meaning with "hidden secrets" of hole universe. Most important numbers are 1 to 9 and 10, 11, 12, 13. For each number, there are associated god (goddess), flowers, gemstones and color.
Short list biblical numerology numbers meaning:

1. One is the main one and associated with the God. Colors are red, cherry, scarlet, crimson. Gemstones are garnet, ruby. Flowers are red carnations and red roses.

2. Chinese people believes that this number are two forces of Ying and Yang - a constructive female energy and creative energy of a male. Tarot cards represents "the dance of courtship" or love between peoples. Colors are: gold, tangerine, peach and orange. Gemstones are coral and gold metal.

3. Number three is considered as holy by Christians, meaning as The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. Colors are beige, cream, lemon, yellow. Gemstone is topaz.

4. In Ancient Hebrews number four is considered as important and significant. This is due to the God’s name Yahweh, spelt with 4 letters in their language. Colors are green, emerald. Gemstones are jade, emerald. Flowers (plants) are ivy, bamboo.

5. In numerology Feng Shui this number is associated for 5 elements in divination oracle - air, fire, water, earth, metal. Colors are blue, turquoise. Gemstones - turquoise, aquamarine. Flower - anemone.

6. In all religions this number means the day of a human creation. Colors are shades of blue. Gemstones for this number are sapphire and lasurite. Flowers - thistles, bluebells.

7. Religions believe number seven is holy. As it is said in a bible - "a God has created The World in 6 days and on the 7th day, it was a rest, because it is a sacred day". Colors of 7 are violet, purple, plum. Stone is amethyst. Flowers - irises and deep purple roses.

8. This symbolize bad luck in ancient Greece, but in Feng Shui this number is considered to be lucky number that symbolize wealth and success. Colors of eight are pink and rose. Stones - rose quartz and pearls. Flowers - pink roses, pink carnations.

9. In Chinese mythology number 9 creates lo shi - a magic quadrate. Colors - pearl and white. Stones - pearls, diamonds, silver and platinum metals. Flowers and plants - white rises, lily, White carnations.