The Bible Study

Do you want to receive the light of spiritual truth in your life? Do you want to create a positive and benovolent relationship with God? This can be done through Bible study and leadership.

Everyone is busy with their lives, it is seldom that we find the time to pore over the teachings of the Bible. Now you can do so at your own pace and at your own convenience by opting for Bible studies online.

There are many online resources to help you understand the principles of Christianity. You must choose a resource that can be your comprehensive guide to anything related to the Bible.

Spritual growth help you enhance your spiritual understanding is what these online resources. There are many elements that you can choose according to your spiritual needs. They are accessible, simple, and basic aids to incorporate Biblical truths into your life.

Most of the work are done by ministries, and intended for the lay reader as an aid to transform their lives. Once you start with this online resources you can find your inner life began to change gradually, and the light of God will enter your soul. Many people have benefited from these selected Internet resources, and now you too can do it.

What do you get when you join Brewskies with the Bible?

Discussion and discovery of what Jesus really did do.
What He really has to say and What we should do with that information.

Red Letter Pub, Every-Other-Tuesday, 7pm at The Albina Green,
brings the three best things you could ever imagine together --
Beer, Jesus, Community....Taste the difference.

Prom Dress Rollerskate was AWESOME!

Our first PROM DRESS AND ROLLER SKATE along the waterfront was amazing. We came, we skated, we got in the way of two racers. It was a trip and most of us did. Check out that Slideshow and wince and gawk... Its what the web is for... right? Enjoy the careening couture!

Biblical numerology

"The Bible - the source of light, it enlightens and illuminates the soul." A careful reading of its people as it enters into a mysterious temple, cleansed and transformed, for it is through Scripture God speaks to him. The Bible leads to God and opens the way for God's wisdom. It stores and endless knowledge on its pages, you will find the answer to any question. Every phrase and the number in the Bible have a deep esoteric meaning. The energy condensed in the words of the Bible, enlightens minds, brings hope and awakens the love in his heart. The study of mystical significance of numbers leads to understanding of the manifestations of the divine creative energy - the biblical numerology. A disclosure of metaphysical codes Scripture can enter in the multidimensional space forever new Revelation. It continually flows from the world, higher and gives the grace of force those who are able to penetrate the secrets of the divine Word.
Many of the secret laws of numerological symbolism Bible were clarified through spiritual studies of authoritative scholars, the ancient seers and saints of ascetics. This book presents the results of their insights, achievements of modern philosophical and religious thought and practical aspects of Christian secret knowledge.
Particularity of Biblical numerology is that in the Bible all the numbers are written in the form of words, as if from the outset stressing that it is not a mathematical (quantitative) estimates described events, and we are talking about information sense of these numbers that characterize the rhythms and algorithms for numbers.
The fact that any sequence of numbers can be represented as a string of some of the information matrix. From this line is formed by a magic matrix (magic numbers), and already from the matrix - a magic cube that defines the evolution of meanings embodied in the original number. Change the value of any number immediately leads to the correction of the values in all lines of magic matrix (cube).
A set of numbers in a row can be identified with the properties of the multidimensional space, rolled into a point with a scalar value. All measurements in this space are scalars (constants). But as soon as any parameter of the positional numbers start to change, then it generates has a spatial dimension (vector, which has a definite direction in space). If such a number would be variables, so many measurements will be space.